Paint’s life in the last two years has truly been a roller coaster of emotions, when Microsoft released Paint 3D to replace it in 2017 it seemed that his days were numbered and that by the next version of Windows 10, it would disappear forever.

But in practice, Paint never really disappeared from Windows 10, and after recently confirming that it would still be part of the operating system, Redmond’s have now gone even further by announcing that the program will receive new features.

In a recent note in Microsoft’s blog about the Windows Insider program, MS Paint’s responsible team announced the arrival of new accessibility features for the tool, these new features will reach all users with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update that should begin to arrive at some point in the coming weeks.

Drawing in Paint using only the keyboard

The most important novelty is that Paint will now allow you to draw using the keyboard, that is, the keyboard will become one of the primary input methods of the app, and you will be able to make all forms simply by using combinations of keys.

For example, using the keyboard arrows you can move the cursor on the screen, with the space bar you activate a tool, using CTRL + Arrows you can scroll the canvas, Space bar + Arrows move the cursor to select a part of the canvas, and so on.

There are enough shortcuts for several complex operations that will allow you to draw and insert shapes using only the keyboard, if we are lucky, perhaps from the same app of Windows 10 Recommendations will show us in detail the news after updating so that they do not go unnoticed.

In addition to keyboard support, Paint has also received improvements in the way it interacts with screen readers as in Windows Narrator.